Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 259

259 Arctic Yearbook 2015 7. In addition, two rules, which refer, but not exclusively, to the chairmanship and the chair are Rule 11 which stipulates that “the Chairmanship, an Arctic State, or other subsidiary bodies may undertake communications on Arctic Council matters with other international fora as may be agreed to in advance by the Arctic States” and Rule 12 according to which “[d]uring the discussion of any matter, a representative of an Arctic State or Permanent Participant may rise to a point of order and the point of order shall be decided immediately by the chairperson in accordance with these Rules.” 8. The provision regulating applications by a potential Permanent Participant remained unchanged and the Chairmanship shall circulate it to all Arctic States and Permanent Participants at least 90 days prior to the Ministerial meeting at which the matter is to be decided (Rule 35). 9. In practice, though, the reports are submitted to the AC Secretariat in Tromsø, Norway. 10. As agreed in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish common objectives for their Arctic Council chairmanships 2006-2012, “the Ministerial Meetings could be moved to the spring to take advantage of the more favorable weather conditions in the Arctic during the season” (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish Common Objectives 2007), which resulted in postponing of the Ministerial meeting ending the Norwegian chairmanship from fall 2008 to spring 2009. 11. One example of such case happened back in 2002 when the SAO Chair was authorized by the Council to speak on its behalf at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa (Fenge & Funston 2015: 18). 12. The common objectives of the three countries included climate change, integrated management of resources, the International Polar Year (IPY), indigenous peoples and local living conditions, and management issues (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish common objectives for their Arctic Council chairmanships 2006–2012). 13. The point, however, which remains to be addressed relates to the already mentioned r \ܝ›ۈ