Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 253

253 Arctic Yearbook 2015 responsible for preparing a report of the meeting as well as releasing any minutes, communications and documents – subject, in all instances, to the approval of the relevant officials of each Arctic state (Rule 45). With respect to communications with the AC, the Chairmanship shall designate a point of contact for communications and inform all Arctic States, Permanent Participants and Observers accordingly (Rule 46).7 It shall as well make reasonable efforts to provide for Russian interpretation at Ministerial and SAO meetings (Rule 42). When the Arctic Council reached its tenth anniversary, at the time when Norway assumed its chairmanship in 2006, the discussions began on the review process and evaluation of the Council’s work, in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency (Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2006). Yet, whereas many were of the opinion that the AC required strengthening and considered enhancing capabilities of the chair, it took another seven years before the new rules of procedures were eventually adopted. The major difference between rules from 1998 and 2013 refer to the Obser