Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 24

24 Arctic Yearbook 2015 contemporary interest. This year we are pleased to provide comment on many of the year’s most notable developments, from the growing importance of sub-national actors in Arctic politics, as told from the perspective of Yukon and Alaska; evaluations of some of the year’s governance milestones, including the establishment of an Arctic Coast Guard Forum and the Arctic high seas fishing moratorium; analysis of some of the year’s biggest events, from the Arctic Council Chairmanship and the Greenlandic elections to COP21 and GLACIER; as well as an overview of some of the contributions made in the field of Arctic social science, including the publication of AHDR II, the Arctic Futures Initiative, and several other notable conferences and gatherings. These and many more opinions and analyses have been curated on the issues and events which have sparked our collective interest over the past year. Finally, we want to acknowledge the work and support of those who contribute to the Arctic Yearbook every year, including and especially Arctic Portal, who provides web hosting and design; our Editorial Board, including our new Chair, Lawson W. Brigham from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks; the University of the Arctic; and Arctic Circle. Thanks also to all the reviewers, many of whom have provided their services to Arctic Yearbook every Summer since our establishment; our authors; and U.S. Special Advisor on Arctic Science and Policy Fran Ulmer, who graciously accepted to contribute this year’s preface. References Ansell, C. & A. Gash. (2011). Collaborative Governance in Theory and Practice. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 18: 543-571. Cairney, P. (2011). Understanding Public Policy: Theories and Issues. Basingstoke: Palgrave McMillan. Einarsson, N., J. N. Larsen, A. Nilsson, & O. R. Young. (eds.) (2004). Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR). Akureyri, Iceland: Stefansson Arctic Institute. Heininen, L. (2015). The Arctic as a Space for Trans-disciplinary, Resilience, and Peace (a presentation given at the 5th International Meeting of the Arctic Council Member States, September 15-16, Archangelsk, Russian Federation). Iqaluit Declaration. (2015). On the Occasion of the Ninth Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council. Arctic Council. Available from Kjaer, A-M. (2004). Governance. Cambridge: Polity Press. March, J. G. & J. P. Olsen. (1995). Democratic Governance. New York: The Free Press. Ottawa Declaration. (1996). Declaration on ѡ