Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 207

207 Arctic Yearbook 2015 5. One interesting example of cooperation among the parliamentary assemblies is the fact that the Arctic Co-operation Programme for 2009 was consulted with the Sami parliaments (Bergman Rosamond 2011: 25). 6. The declaration made by the Second Conference, which took place in March 1996 in the Canadian city of Yellowknife, the tasks of the Standing Committee were to include: (1) monitoring the execution of recommendations and responsiveness of governments and international organizations to the requests of the Conference, (2) observing the process of consolidation of the Arctic Council and ensure an appropriate role and level of participation for parliamentarians in its work, and (3) probing for future forms of interparliamentary cooperation among the Arctic states and reporting on this topic at the following Conference (Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region 1996). References Bailes, Alyson J.K. (2014). Nordic and Arctic Affairs: Why is ‘West Nordic’ Cooperation in Fashion? Centre for Small State Studies IIA Reykjavik, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. (Small State Briefs). Available online at, checked on 10/18/2014. Barents Parliamentary Conference (2013). Conference Resolution 6 th Barents Parliamentary Conference 23-24 April in Harstad, Norway. Available online at Barentsobserver (2009). Parliamentarians highlight role of Barents Cooperation. Available online at, checked on 5/22/2015. Bergman Rosamond, A. (2011). Perspectives on security in the Arctic area. Copenhagen: DIIS (DIIS Report, 2011:09). Bernstein, S. (2011). Legitimacy in intergovernmental and non-state global governance. Review of International Political Economy, 18(1): 17–51. DOI: 10.1080/09692290903173087. Bohlin, S. (2010). Introduction: How should we govern the Arctic? In Nordic Council of Ministers (Ed.): Arctic - Changing Realities. Conference arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers 26 may 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers; [eksp.] (ANP, 2010:758), pp. 27–29. Cofelice, A. (2012). International Parliamentary Institutions: Some Preliminary Findings and Setting a Research Agenda (UNU-CRIS Working Papers, W-2012/3). Available online at Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region (1996). Second Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region: Conference Statement. Yellowknife. Available online at, checked on 3/12/2015. CPAR (2014). Vice-Chair of SCPAR attended Arctic Council meeting in Yellowknife | Conference of Arctic Parlamentarians (CPAR) - News & Activities. Available online at, checked on 6/12/2015. Łuszczuk