Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 2

2 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Heininen, L., H. Exner-Pirot, & J. Plouffe. (eds.). (2015). Arctic Yearbook 2015. Akureyri, Iceland: Northern Research Forum. Available from ISSN 2298–2418 This publication is available under limited copyright protection. You may download, distribute, photocopy, cite or excerpt this document provided it is properly and fully credited and not used for commercial purposes. Cover Image Credits: Flags - Arctic Council Secretariat / Linnea Nordström Gavel - Arctic Council Secretariat / Linnea Nordström Ilulissat – Nunatsiaq News Samediggi – Hanne Holmgren Barents Euro-Arctic Council – Utenriksdepartementet/Gyro Althingi - Jóhann Heiðar Árnason Inatsisartut – Naalakkersuisut Other photos – Arctic Portal file photos Editor: Lassi Heininen, University of Lapland | Managing Editors: Heather Exner-Pirot, University of Saskatchewan | Joël Plouffe, École nationale d’Administration publique (ENAP – Montréal) | Editorial Board: Chair Dr. Lawson W. Brigham (Distinguished Professor of Geography & Arctic Policy, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Senior Fellow, Institute of the North, United States of America) Professor Alyson Bailes (Visiting Professor, University of Iceland; Faculty of Political Science, United Kingdom) Dr. Gail Fondahl (Professor of Geography, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada) Dr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson (President of the Republic of Iceland) H. E. Ambassador Hannu Halinen (former SAO, Finland; Special Advisor to the IIASA Director General and Chief Executive Officer Exploratory and Special Projects) Dr. Steven E. Miller (Director of the International Security Program; Editor-in-Chief of International Security, Harvard University, United States) Dr. Alexander Pelyasov (Russian Academy of Sciences; Director of the Center of Northern and Arctic Economics; Ministry of Economic Development & Trade, Russian Federation)