Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 194

194 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Webb, J. (2015). Summary of the 2013 Interagency Crab Research Meeting held December 11–12, 2013. Spiny King Crab in the Bering Strait and Norton Sound by Jones W. and Keith K., Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation, Nome, Alaska. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Special Publication No. 15-14, Anchorage. Williams, S. L., Davidson, I. C., Pasari, J. R., Ashton, G. V., Carlton, J. T., Crafton, R. E., … Zabin, C. J. (2013). Managing Multiple Vectors for Marine Invasions in an Increasily Connected World. BioScience, 63: 952–966. doi: Towards Arctic Resource Governance of Marine Invasive Species