Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 586

586       Arctic Yearbook 2014     At this pilot site, the project initiated one of the very rare rest stops and beach area for tourists in Karelia. Here the planners aimed to construct a 1-hectare beach, a passage to the beach and a parking area, an information board, lavatories, shelters (with cooking grills), fire pits, and also trash containers. Kolatselga village After visiting that first site, the whole group headed to the Kolatselga village which is a popular tourist stop considering its location between the Russia/Finland border and the city of Petrozavodsk and tourist attractions. This was not only an interesting stop to discover the new lavatories for travelers, but also to eat some delicious local Karelian pastries from the café’s bakery (the Kalitki are exceptionally tasty here!). This pilot stop also hosts a convenience store that is again an important added-value for tourists. Khabarov & Plouffe