Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 585

585 Arctic Yearbook 2014   The “Eco-Efficient Tourism Project” was developed around three objectives that are key to developing an attractive and sustainable tourism industry in the Republic of Karelia: 1. Promoting the introduction of eco-efficient technologies for the management of recreational management, and also to be utilized to improve and offer high quality services in important tourist destinations in the Republic of Karelia (Lake Ladoga and Syamozero area). This is to be done in close collaboration with the Finnish partners. 2. In the pilot areas of the project, initiatives should be made to offer a more comfortable, sage and environmentally friendly experience. 3. Introduce and implement measures to improve cross-border tourism through transboundary practices and regional development cooperation. While at the seminar at the “Denisov mys” center, we got the opportunity to be briefed on the development of the project and the core pilot projects that we got the chance to visit the next day. Bellow are the pilot projects we were introduced to and visited. “Dlinny” beach, Essoila settlement on the Syamozero lakeshore Discussing & Promoting (Regional) Arctic Cooperation in Russia