Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 578

  Thematic Network Update THE “GLOBAL ARCTIC” PROJECT Lassi Heininen & Matthias Finger The GlobalArctic project (see is an international and interdisciplinary expert network based on individuals affiliated in several Nordic and circumpolar institutions, networks and forums in the field. A joint strategy for the GlobalArctic project considers the Arctic region in the 2010s to have become part and parcel of global political, economic, technological and environmental, as well as societal, change. Correspondingly, what happens in the Arctic has significant implications worldwide. Following from this, the context of the emerging research project is twofold: the first stage, the ‘Global > Arctic’, is to (re)define globalization and its multi-functional effects, as well as impacts of rapid climate change, as drivers of change in the Arctic region. The second stage is the ‘Arctic > Global’, which will identify and explore the global implications and drivers of the globalized Arctic affecting the rest of the globe, and their interactions, as well as the role the Arctic plays in world politics and the global economy. In order to address the major stages the Project is aimed to be organized around four interrelated thematic areas of varying scope (see Matrix below): Resources, Energy, Economics, Infrastructures and Technology; Environment, Environmental Degradation and Climate Change; (Geo)Politics, Security and Governance; and Peoples, Cultures, Well-being and Societies. They represent the major functions of the Arctic region in globalization of the 2010s and cover the most relevant field