Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 575

575 Arctic Yearbook 2014   The principles of inclusion and dialogue were, this year, embraced even to a greater extent against the evolving political situation(s) between Russia and the West. As the CA approached, significant effort was channeled into making the participation of researchers from different areas of the globe possible. In these times of geopolitical apprehensions, the CA once again proved its raison d’être by bringing together thinkers and practitioners, sometimes lost in translation, around one table to take the necessary time to talk, share and learn amongst each other on pressing topics. The CA method allows all participants to bring back home invaluable knowledge, nuances and often unheard-of issues or solutions as a way to contribute to the policy dialogue. This year, the traveling symposium was invited to listen patiently as the translation assistance provided the words and common understandings for a constructive exchange of questions, ideas and answers that, in our view, would not have been possible otherwise. This type of dialogue in the North, between North(s), and elsewhere around the world, should not be undermined. About the Calotte Academy The Calotte Academy has been arranged annually since 1991 with an aim to bring together students, other experts, local stakeholders as well as scientists with different academic backgrounds and in different stages of their academic careers. It aims to create an alternative model for conventional academic conferences where the time allocated for discussion often remains very limited. The Academy also aims to contribute to discussions and debates over regional development through inviting local politicians and stakeholders to participate in the sessions with the intention of sharing research results and insights, creating networks and fostering dialogue between the local actors and the international scientific community. The full and detailed Final Report of the Calotte Academy 2014 with abstracts and written summary reports from all sessions is available online in address Calotte Academy 2014