Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 540

Arctic Yearbook 2014 540 Table 1: Government regulation of economic agents based on their category in the field of environmental protection Under the technological standards there will be understood the norms (standards) of permissible emissions, discharges, wastes, water and electricity consumptions, and levels of physical impacts, which are set for the main technological processes and equipment of the best available technologies (BAT) using their technological indicators. Setting these technological indicators is assumed by normative documents after the development of information and technical reference books based on European BREF catalogs, adapted to economic and geographic Russian conditions. It should be noted that for the process of equipment reconstruction, impact on the environment which does not exceed the technological indicators of BAT, is also recognized as the implementation of BAT. Thus achieving technological standards will allow the environmentally hazardous enterprises to have the minimal pressure on the environment at the present stage of development. For the realization of economic activities, objects with a significant potential for pollution (category I) will be required to contact a territorial agency of the federal executive authority with the application for an integrated environmental permit. The federal executive authority will approve the list of category I objects that need to get the integrated environmental permit between 01/01/2019 and 31/12/2022. This list will include up to 300 objects that have a negative impact on the environment, whose contribution to the total emissions, discharges of pollutants in the Russian Federation is not less than 60 percent. The remaining category I objects must get the integrated environmental permit before 01/01/2025. For agents with a significant potential for environmental pollution (so-called environmentally hazardous facilities) related to the fields of application of a best available technology (BAT) there is a transition phase provided for technological standartization that creates