Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 536

536 Arctic Yearbook 2014 establishing the multilateral commissions for conflicts of interest solving, or lawsuits from the local government against the company demanding the compensations stipulated in the state mining license. To sum up, today the social license concept is a “white spot” in the Russian Arctic mining discourse, both theoretically and practically. However, the SLO concept can be an important and highly relevant instrument for the adoption of sustainable mining practices in the Russian Arctic. Thus, there is a need for more research in this field in the Russian Arctic context and for popularization of their results to promote the practical use of social licensing in corporate and public policies. Notes 1. Information on the project can be found at: References Bay-Larsen, I. Dale, B., Skorstad, B. Didyk, V, Rasmussen, R.O., Sande, A., Magnussen, T., Dannevig, T. (2014). Collaborative Governance in Arctic Frontiers – the Case of Mining in Greenland, Russia and Norway. Paper presented at the European Consortium for Political Research, Salamanca, Spain, April 10-14th. Accessed 8.05.2014. Buanes, A. (2014). Social License to Operate – A Relevant Concept for Northern Mining? Mining projects between legal requirements and local acceptance – with case studies from the European North. Presentation at the SUMILCERE meeting, Luleå, 11th June, 2014. Unpublished. Information 2014. Information on socio-economic situation in the monoprofile settlements of the Murmansk region (Kirovsk). Available at the official site of the Ministry of economic development of the Murmansk region: Accessed 21.04.2014 (in Russian). Knoke, D. (1985). The Political Economies of Associations. In R.G. Braungart & M.M. Braungart (eds.). Research in Political Sociology. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. Kokko, K., Oksanen, A., Hast, S.,. Heikkinen, H. I., Hentilä, H-L., Jokinen, M., Komu, T., Kunnari, M., Lépy, É., Soudunsaari, L., Suikkanen, A. and Suopajärvi L. (2014). Sound Mining in the North. A Guide to Environmental Regulation and Best Practices Supporting Social Sustainability. University of Lapland, University of Oulu and Metla. Lacey, J., Parsons, R., Moffat, K. (2012). Exploring the Concept of a Social License to Operate in the Australian Miningand Minerals Industry: Results from Interviews With Industry Representatives. CSIRO, Brisbane. Riabova & Didyk