Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 529

529 Arctic Yearbook 2014 chosen manner” (Knoke, 1985). As to credibility, Thomson & Boutilier (2011) see it as the foundation of trust. “When a company is regarded as credible, it is seen as following through on promises and dealing honestly with everyone” (ibid: 1785). Trust is fundamental to moving through the levels, and can take two basic forms: interactional trust and institutional trust. Interactional trust is observed when there is the perception that the company and its management listens, responds, keeps promises, engages in mutual dialogue, and demonstrates reciprocity in its interactions. Institutionalised trust takes place when there is the perception that relations between the stakeholders’ institutions (e.g., the community’s representative organizations) and the project/ company are based on an enduring regard for each other’s interests (Williams & Walton, 2013: 9, based on Thomson & Boutilier, 2011). According to Thomson and Boutilier, the levels of SLO represent “how the community treats the company” (Thomson & Boutilier, 2011: 1784). The normative