Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 511

  Briefing Note TOURISM SAFETY AND SECURITY: FINDINGS FROM TOURISM INTENSIVE FINNISH LAPLAND Niko Niemisalo The briefing note “Tourism Safety and Security: Findings from Tourism Intensive Finnish Lapland” describes the topic of tourism safety and security and then presents successful best practices that were developed in Finnish Lapland to tackle the challenges of tourism safety and security systems, describing the main actors on the regional, national and international levels. The published briefing note is a deliverable of the European Dimension on Tourism Safety and Security project (ESF, 2012-2014) and has been co-created with partners in the project as well as the regional, national and international network of Tourism Safety and Security System in Lapland. “The tourism safety and security network model, developed in Finland, is utilised in developing safety and security throughout the whole of the Arctic region” - Arctic Strategy of Finland 2013 (50), translated from Finnish Introduction For Finnish Lapland, tourism is a strategically important livelihood. Its development as a business requires innovation, faith in one’s own skills, hard work, a creative approach and an understanding of parallel global and regional dynamics. Furthermore, all actors must understand the dynamics of the postmodern service economy with respect to the more traditional industrial Niko Niemisalo is Project Manager at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute.