Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 508

Arctic Yearbook 2014 508 The combination of a cold climate (requiring less air conditioning for servers) and quasi-infinite renewable energy, as well as submarine optical fibers cables, has been crucial to incite large business to set up shop in the north. However, the Arctic regions in Canada, Alaska and Russia do not offer the same potential for renewable energy. They do have large hydrocarbon reserves, which may serve as an initial replacement for green energy. Conclusion Despite the success of laying a cable in the famed Iceberg Alley between Greenland and Canada in 2009, there is still some uncertainty about the feasibility of projects crossing the entire Arctic. While cables have been laid since the early 20th century in both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, such an endeavor has never been accomplished in the icy waters of the Arctic where the actual ice and the short window of operations to install (or maintain) the cab \