Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 494

Arctic Yearbook 2014 494 The passages over the High North are opening and Maine’s ports are ideally situated to play a large role in the future of global trade - Maine needs to participate in Arctic conversations and build relationships throughout the region. This will require a coordinated effort, which MENADO can help lead. Climate change in the Arctic provides both promise and peril and Maine, and the country must prepare for the new opportunities and for the new risks that we will face. - Senator Angus King Maine hosted two, major North Atlantic-themed events in Bangor, Maine in 2014. Maine International Trade Day: ‘The New North’, with business intelligence presentations from the Greenlandic and Canadian Governments, as well as panel discussions including businesses and tourism officials from Maine, Atlantic Canada and Iceland. The audience consisted of over 300 of Maine’s most internationally-active businesses with a keen interest to increase trade activity with the region. At a second event, the Maine National Guard, University of Maine's School of Policy and International Affairs and the United States Coast Guard collaborated to present “Leadership in the High North; A political, military, economic and environmental symposium of the Arctic Opening.” General Charles Jacoby, Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command headed up an international collection of experts to discuss issues related to trade, changing environmental conditions, and the strategic geopolitical situation in the Arctic. Major General Christopher Coates, Deputy Commander Continental Canadian Joint Operations Command discussed issues specific to the Canadian military and their ongoing operations in the High North. The Maine Port Authority and Iceland’s Eimskip Shipping Line presented current trends and possibilities in trade among North Atlantic nations. The University of Maine’s Dr. Paul Mayweski and Rear Admiral Jonathan White, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, and Director of Task Force Climate Change discussed changing environmental conditions in the High North. Representatives from all of the New England states, New York, Alaska, New Brunswick, Quebec, Iceland and Denmark particip ]Y[