Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 462

  Commentary ASIAN-ARCTIC COOPERATION: A BRIEFING ON THE CHINA-NORDIC ARCTIC RESEARCH CENTER (CNARC) Deng Beixi & Yang Jian In May 2013, China, together with five other states, was granted observer status in the Arctic Council. By December that year, with joint efforts by Nordic and Chinese research institutes, the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center (CANRC) was established and has evolves from a nascent and immature conception to now a reality and functioning entity that is to eventually develop into a full-fledged platform for academic exchanges between China and Nordic countries. The initiative and development of CNARC has aroused attention from other Arctic and non-Arctic states, marking a highlight of international cooperation on Arctic issues. Committed to increasing an in-depth and comprehensive awareness, understanding and knowledge of the Arctic and its global impacts and to promoting cooperation for sustainable development of Nordic Arctic and coherent development of China in a global context, CNARC is currently composed of 11 member institutes, 6 from Nordic states and 5 from China, all leading think-tanks and institutes in Arctic studies in their respective country and endowed with capacities to influence, coordinate and initiate Arctic research in their professional fields. CNARC is structured with an Assembly of Member Institutes, a Director and a Secretariat. The Assembly, formed by representatives from each member institute, convenes annually and operates by consensus. The Director and Secretariat are currently hosted at the Polar Research Institute of China, responsible for the routine operations of CNARC and carrying out advice for development from the Assembly. CNARC facilitates China-Nordic cooperation in the following forms: 1) carrying out joint research projects in accordance with research themes in respect of Arctic climate change, Arctic resources, shipping and economy, as well as Arctic policy-making and legislation; 2) developing Deng Beixi is the Executive Secretary of CNARC, Polar Research Institute of China. Yang Jian is the Vice President of the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, and an Editorial Board member of the Arctic Yearbook.