Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 374

374 Arctic Yearbook 2014 4. A Potemkin village refers to an official called Potemkin, who built fake villages along the route travelled by the Empress Catherine the Great in order to impress her with the degree of progress made in his development of the area under his jurisdiction, namely, the Crimea, in 1787. Any attempt to create a good impression for one’s superiors in government by using false means is now known as a Potemkin village. References Ahrend, R. (2005). Can Russia Break the “Resource Curse”? Eurasian Geography and Economics. 46(8): 584–609. doi: 10.2747/1538-7216.46.8.584. Ahrend, R. (2008, February). Can Russia Sustain Strong Growth As a Resource Based Economy? CESifo Forum. 9(2): 3–8. Retrieved from: Anokhin, A., Kuznetsov, S., & Lachininskii, S. (2014, March). A Spatial Study of Geo-Economic Risk Exposure of Russia’s Arctic Mono-Towns with Commodity Export-Based Economy. Journal of Geography and Geology. 6(1): 38–45. doi: 10.5539/jgg.v6n1p38. Blakkisrud, H. (2006). What’s to be done with the North, in H. Blakkisrud & G. Hønneland (Eds.). Tackling Space: Federal Politics and the Russian North. (pp. 25–51). Lanham (MD) and Oxford: University Press of America. Bradshaw, M. (2006). Observations on the Geographical Dimensions of Russia’s Resource Abundance. Eurasian Geography and Economics. 47(6): 724–746. doi: 10.2747/15387216.47.6.724. Carson, D. & Carson, D. (2011, November). Why tourism may not be everybody’s business: the challenge of tradition in resource peripheries. The Rangeland Journal. 33: 373–383. doi: 10.1071/RJ11026. Chernovski, P. (2012, August 21). Revda vyzhivet i bez “Russkoi Laplandii” (Revda survives also without ”Russian Lapland”). Komsomol’skaya Pravda. Retrieved June 21, 2014 from, Coates, K. (1994). The Discovery of the North: Towards a Conceptual Framework for the Study of Northern/Remote Regions. The Northern Review. 12/13: 15–43. Retrieved September 21, 2014 from, Connolly, R. (2011). Financial Constraints on the Modernization of the Russian Economy. Eurasian Geography and Economics. 52(3): 428–459. doi: 10.2747/1539-7216.52.3.428. Didyk, V. & Riabova, L. (2012). Trendy ekonomicheskogo i sotsial’nogo razvitiya Murmanskoi oblasti: rezul’taty monitoringa za dva desyatiletiya rynochnykh reform (T