Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 364

364 Arctic Yearbook 2014 Murmansk region in revenue (Top-100 2010: 20) Murmansk region in revenue (Top-100 2010: 22) Number of workers in the main firm 11,682 (2009, includes workers from both Kirovsk and Apatity) (KIPMM Kirovsk 2010: 14) 923 (KIPMMGP Revda 2010: 11) Strategic Reorientation in CIPs Tourism (Target: 110,000 tourists in 2020, 400 new work places based on tourism) (KIPMM Kirovsk 2010: 52) Tourism (Target: 40,000 tourists in 2020, 362 workplaces) (KIPMMGP Revda 2010: 51–52; Varenik 2012) Main Projects and Target Projects for economic diversification in CIPs Tourism (Russian Lapland: Winter sports, down-hill skiing), Two all-year-round tourism resorts (KIPMM Kirovsk 2010) Tourism (Russian Lapland) (KIPMMGP Revda 2010) Main Targets in CIPs 1. Diversification of economy in tourism 1. Development of SMEs in tourism and in local industries 2. Improvements to the social infrastructure 3. Improvements to the transport network 4. Improvements to the environment (KIPMM Kirovsk 2010: 3) 2. Diversification of the functions of LGOK 3. Development of human capital, improving the social amenities of the town (KIPMMGP Revda 2010: 3) Moreover, Kirovsk and Revda’s CIPs seek to increase the sustainability of these towns and the quality of life of their residents by promoting sustainable social, economic and environmental development (KIPMM Kirovsk 2010: 42; KIPMMGP Revda 2010: 3). The CIPs of Kirovsk and Revda both had similar objectives as they sought to bring about a high level of economic diversification by promoting tourism in particular, improving the financial independence of SMEs (and town-constituting enterprise in Revda), improving the quality of life and reducing unemployment (KIPMM Kirovsk 2010: 3; KIPMMGP Revda 2010: 3). Suutarinen