Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 25

5 Aug: The Russian government hosts a gathering in Naryan-Mar of representatives of the Arctic Council member states and others, including a visit to Prirazlomnaya, the oil installation in the Kara Sea which was the target of earlier Greenpeace actions. (RT) 10 Jul: Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority gives Statoil permission to begin another round of exploratory drilling in the Barents Sea. (UPI) 21 Jul: The Inuit Circumpolar Council’s quadrennial general assembly takes place in Inuvik, NWT. At the meeting’s conclusion, the ICC releases the Kitigaaryuit Declaration. 8 Aug: Canada sends two icebreakers to the Arctic to map the Arctic seabed in support of a bid to extend Canadian territorial claims up to the North Pole. (BBC) 16 Jul: US Secretary of State John Kerry announces that Admiral (ret.) Robert Papp will serve as the US Special Representative for the Arctic. 10 11 16 21 11 Jul: China’s sixth Arctic expedition departs from Shangai, carrying 65 scientists from China, the US, Germany, Russia and France. (China Daily) 27 31 AUG 01 05 07 08 1 Aug: Greenpeace icebreaker “Arctic Sunrise” ends its long sojourn in Russia, departing for Amsterdam. (RIA Novosti) 31 Jul: Energy company Shell announces it has made a deal to share leases and exploration expenses with the Alaska Native corporations of the North Slope. (Alaska Dispatch) 27 Jul: For the first time in 14 years, Chukotkans from Russia make the 70-mile journey across the Bering Strait to visit relatives in Gambell, Alaska. (Alaska Dispatch) 7 Aug: Russia announces that its Northern Fleet detected a foreign submarine, presumably from the United States, in the Barents Sea, and forced it out of Russian waters. (RT)