Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 248

248 Arctic Yearbook 2014 Data were collected using qualitative methods aimed to obtain an in-depth insight on the basis of a relatively small number of respondents or observations. A mix of different techniques were used: questionnaire, interviews, official as well as informal meetings and group discussion. A questionnaire was used at the beginning to obtain some basic information and to facilitate the comparison of the data. The main purpose of the surveys was to investigate how, in a peripheral place, the local community perceives tourism, particularly as a possible source of additional income, and generally intended as a tool for development in the area. The interest of the community to start or increase tourism activities, in addition to the traditional ones, has been one of the interests of the research project. Other questions, relating to the level of information about tourism as well as tourism development planning, were asked, to know how informed the population was about how to start and develop business in tourism, and how to benefit from it, possibly avoiding the negative effects. UKKUSISSAT (Uummannaq Region, West-North Greenland)8 Ukkusissat is part of the Uummannaq region, one of Greenland’s northernmost towns (and former municipality)9. The region, although considered to be a peripheral location, is a highly attractive tourist destination. Its impressive landscape contains all the elements of a tourist attraction: harsh landscape with tall [