Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 247

247 Arctic Yearbook 2014   The Three Case Studies The research focused on tourism, on peripheral places, and on the available development options in remote areas in Greenland. The three cases presented here derive from field work and research projects done in Greenland at different points of time: in the South of Greenland, Narsaq and its area, in 2001; in West-North Greenland, Ukkusissat part of the Uummannaq area in 2005; and in Greenland High North, Qaanaaq, in 2007 (Tommasini 2011).7 The fieldwork consisted of a first part devoted to the collection of information, and the building up of a catalogue of tourism attractions and potentials of the area. The second part focused on the interviews with the population, giving special attention to their necessities and expectations. Figure 1: Map of Greenland with the objects of field work. Source: Greenland Tourism, Nuuk. Tourism, Human Capital & Regional Development in Three Communities in Greenland