Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 239

239 Arctic Yearbook 2014 Denmark, said, “The government has leaned too much in the direction of the companies. There have been few actual debates where people can express their feelings and too much has been rushed through without people’s questions being answered” (Weaver 2013). The ICC/WWF report released in July 2013 made numerous complainants that public hearings were one-sided or biased, information was inaccessible, and that “Members of the public get the impression that the authorities don’t want to take part in genuine dialogue,” and that public input has no affect on the outcome (Langhoff 2013). Then in October 2013, ICC Greenland, WWF and Transparency International Greenland formed a coalition of NGOs based on the belief that there is strength in numbers. The coalition strives to ensure that the public has an unprejudiced opport