Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 173

Arctic Yearbook 2014 173   I’m more connected with my community. My connection to my culture has increased dramatically. I’m building my own professional development, so I would say that has helped and that has improved and changed. Overall school has influenced me to be more on top of my game… more on top of who I am and all around, so that I can just do good in all that I do. (#3) Completing a post secondary program often meant being able to work in the field of their choice and putting theory into practice which in turn is an inspiration to community members. There was also the sense that they could now help others in a more educated and useful way and also develop a sense of belonging. Yeah, I think it has an impact on my community because I’m fairly well known. I think people can see that I went from one type of a life to another and that people can change. I think I’m a support to a lot of Métis people you know. They see that I’ve succeeded and they know that Métis can succeed as well. (# 1) And then being that role model for my community too … I’ve seen a lot of parents and their kids wanting to go into school you know. So it’s really nice seeing that you can influence people that way. (#12) And in my community, I feel that I have empowered some. There are women that have decided to come to school even though they felt they couldn’t. I’ve seen other people sometimes look at me and they they say “you’re finished your nursing”? And when I say “yes”… “wow… that’s great”! they say. They often say that they are not sure they can do it with kids.. and I said “look at me. I have kids and I did it.” (#9) Participants were able to describe success not only in terms of academic outcomes but also in terms of their increasing understanding of Aboriginal history and culture. This allowed them to learn from the past and appreciate and broaden their knowledge. They also see success in terms of the applicability of their learning to become better parents and also open new opportunities for their children. Success was also def [