Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 172

172 Arctic Yearbook 2014 really there to help and I felt so supported when I walked into your office, or when I walk into G’s office” (#11); “…getting independence…and getting the skills to get a job.” (#5) The personal aspects of “success” also include the realization that being a student has created new possibilities for their future both personally and career-wise. The fact that they are perservering and finishing something and the observation that the university degree opened doors had a ripple effect upon family and community. “Finishing and not giving up… being able to say there’s a reason why I did this and at the end … look at it…. Like I’m successful now, but then I won’t stop there. It will continue you know” (#7); “Success is being positive, keeping a positive outlook on everything, not dwelling on the past, dwelling on mistakes, instead of that, learning from them” (#25); “I think success is when you truly enjoy what you’re doing and truly feel in your heart... when you go to sleep at night that you’re doing the right thing and that you’re helping … the community as a whole.” (#18) Impact on Children, Family and Community The majority of those interviewed defined success in terms of the impact on those around them such as children, family and community. Feelings of success also came about through the realization that their children viewed their education aspirations in positive ways. Being proud of educational accomplishment often translated into being a better parent both as a role model and also in terms of new found confidence and a broader knowledge base to pass on to their children. Yeah that’s mainly my driving force is my children… making a better life for my kids”. (#8) I think their own self-motivation to want better for their families. I think that’s number one cause I think a lot of women do it because they want something better… not for themselves but for their own families.. or a way out of something that they know is not for them, like living in an isolated community for example. So they want something better, so they come with goals in mind that if achieved… then my families lives will be better and their own lives too because they are enriching and they are fulfilling something within them for their own children. (#4) Of course family is going to be impacted. For example, Mom’s not here all the time now, we have to be more independent. The community is impacted because there’s another social worker out there that’s going to help others. I’m more involved now with drumming, ceremonies, the grandmother’s council. I was able to help the community overall and have my children also involved in those types of activities too and ceremonies and things. My family now they turn to me a lot and they ask life questions and because I’m not judgemental and I’m given certain gifts to help people to see things and it comes back to the reflecting back. Those are the types of impacts that I see. (#26) Simpkins & Bonnycastle