Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 164

164 Arctic Yearbook 2014 Findings presented in this paper warrant further studies that will conduct analysis at individual community level (rather than regional) and, if possible, will use more detailed occupational data. There is more to learn regarding the role of distance and proximity, the importance of pull and push factors (such as harsh environment, housing problems and isolation) on creative capital, and the nature of intricate relationships between human, creative, social, civic and other forms of societal capital. Future research should also consider possible negative externalities of creative economies, such as economic inequality, housing affordability, environmental impacts, over-consumption, and political infighting. References Aarsæther, N. (ed.). (2004). Innovations in the Nordic Periphery. Stockholm: Nordregio. AHDR, 2004. Arctic Human Development Report. Akureyri: Stefansson Arctic Institute. Agranat, G. A. (1992). Vozmozhnisti i Real’nosti Osvoeniya Severa: Global’nye uroki. [Possibilities and Realities of Development of the North: Global Lessons.] VNIITI, Moskva. [in Russian] Alsop, J. (2010). History of Cape Dorset and the West Baffin Cooperative. Working Paper. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria Amin, S. (2001). Imperialism and globalisation, Monthly Review. 53(2). Retrieved from Bassanini, A. P., & G. Dosi. (2001). When and how chance and human can twist the arms of Clio. In R. Garud & P. Karnoe (eds.). Path Creation and Path Dependency (pp. 41-68). Mahwah, NY: Lawrence Erlbaum. Bathelt, H., & J. Boggs. (2005). Continuities, Ruptures, and Re-Building of Regional Development Path: Leipzig’s Metamorphosis. In G. Fuchs & P. Shapira (eds.). Rethinking Regional Innovation and Change. Path dependency or regional breakthrough? (147-170). New York: Springer. Beyers, W. & Lindahl, D. (2001). Lone Eagles and High Flyers in Rural Producer Services. Rural Development Perspectives. 11(3): 2-10. Bone, R.M. 2009. The Geography of the Canadian North: Issues and Challenges (2nd ed.). Toronto: Oxford University Press. Boschma, R.A. (2005). Social Capital and Regional Development: An Empirical Analysis of the Third Italy. In R.A. Boschma, & R.C. Kloosterman (eds.). Learning from Clusters: A Critical Assessment from an Economic-Geographical Perspective. (pp. 139-168). Netherlands: Springer. Bourne, L. S. (2000). Living on the Edge: Conditions of Marginality in the Canadian Urban System. In H. Lithwick & Y. Gradus. (eds.). Developing Frontier Cities. Global Perspective – Regional Contexts (77-97). Kulwer Academic Publishers: Boston. Clark, P., P. Tracey, & H. Lawton Smith. (2001). Agents, Endowments, and Path-dependence: A model of multi-jurisdictional regional development. Geographische Zeitschrift. 89: 166-181. Petrov