Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 160

160 Arctic Yearbook 2014 the national studies in the USA and Canada and from the results in northern Canada. It is, indeed, surprising, since typically TPI is correlated with well-educated and abundant human capital. In Alaska high-tech activities appear to be unrelated to local educational attainment or creative capital (although TI and the TPI still have considerable covariance). The concentration of high-tech employment is, perhaps, governed by other factors such as location of government agencies and universities. Figure 4: Creative Capital Indices in Alaska In accordance with the adopted methodology, correlation coefficients were used to assess the consistency (reliability and validity) of the creative capital measures and to statistically analyze the relationships among them. Correlation coefficients illustrated close associations (Table 3) among different creative class indices that were a likely sign of reliability of these measures. These results Petrov