Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 16

15 Oct: James Anaya, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, meets with representatives of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and the Inuit Circumpolar Council before releasing a report saying that indigenous people in Canada are in crisis. (Nunatsiaq News) 17 Oct: The United Kingdom releases the first official formulation of its approach to the Arctic, “Adapting to Change: UK policy towards the Arctic”. 2 Oct: Following a protest at the offshore oil platform “Prirazlomnaya”, five Greenpeace activists are charged with piracy and taken into custody - along with their ship, the “Arctic Sunrise” in Murmansk. (BBC) SEP 30 OCT 1 Nov: Conclusion of US Coast Guard exercise Arctic Shield 2013, focused on Western Alaska and the Bering Strait. 1 Nov: Greenpeace activists held in custody in Murmansk are moved to St. Petersburg. (BBC) 25 Oct: Germany releases a new overarching Arctic policy. 02 30 Sep: US Government shuts down, grounding Bering Sea crab fleet, pulling USARC and NOAA websites offline. (Guardian) 12 Oct: Arctic Yearbook 2013 has its official launch at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland. 19 Oct: A signed copy of Arctic Yearbook 2013 is brought to the North Pole by editor and Olympic torch bearer Lassi Heininen. 12 15 17 19 23 NOV 25 01 04 06 4 Nov: The Government of Greenland announces major cuts to funding for the Inuit Circumpolar Council in Greenland. (Arctic Journal) 6 Nov: Shell files paperwork to formally bid to drill in the Alaskan Arctic in summer 2014. (FuelFix) 23 Oct: Russia drops charge of “piracy” against Greenpeace in favor of the lighter charge of “hooliganism”. (Moscow Times)