Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 157

157 Arctic Yearbook 2014     (Petrov 2011; Petrov & Cavin 2013). The Tech-Pole Index (TPI) demonstrated that only a few northern communities have a considerable concentration of high-tech employment and specialization on technology-intensive industries. Only Yellowknife and Whitehorse have slightly higher shares of high-tech employment than Canada. In old industrial towns, the technology sector is particularly small. Figure 3: Creative class Indices in Canadian Territories Correlation coefficients confirm close associations (Table 2) among different creative capital indices. Correlation results (Table 2) strongly support the idea that different groups of creative capital are clustered in space. Four kinds of creative capital, most likely, attract each other, and creative clusters exist as self-reproducing creativity centers. That is why, for example, previous studies found the Creative Arctic