Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 153

153   Arctic Yearbook 2014   (Table 1). The TPI was first developed by the Milken Institute and later used by Florida (2002) and many other creative economy studies as an indicator of a region’s high technology specialization. The TPI is calculated here as a location quotient of the employment in high technology sectors. The following analysis first computed, tested and analyzed the indices that characterize the creative capital in the Arctic regions (where data were available). The definition of the Arctic roughly followed the boundaries used by the Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR 2004). Most Arctic jurisdictions had relevant data to measure the Talent Index (Table 1) that is based on educational attainment and corresponds to one of the traditional measures of human capital (Hirshberg & Petrov 2014), albeit calculated as a location quotient. The data for other CC indices is fragmentary and the analysis includes only regions where such information exists. The paper also offers two case studies to illustrate regional characteristics of CC, in this case, in the North America