Arctic Yearbook 2014 - Page 120

Arctic Yearbook 2014 120 Acknowledgements I thank two anonymous referees for the detail comments, which helped to improve the paper. My sincere gratitude to my colleagues within TUAC collaboration prof. Åsa Gunnarsson, prof. Monica Burman, and Åsa Yttergren, who gave me the first idea of the paper. I also appreciate the director of ARCUM prof. Peter Sköld for discussing the paper and providing financial support.   References Aia, C., Norton, E.C. (2003) Interaction terms in logit and probit models. Economics Letters 80: 123– 129. Barth, E., Bratsberg, B., Raaum, O. (2004). Identifying earnings assimilation of immigrants under changing macroeconomic conditions. Scandinavian Journal of Economics. 106(1): 1–22. Bengtsson, T., Scott, K. (2006) Immigrant consumption of sickness benefits in Sweden, 1981–1991, Journal of Socio-Economics. 35: 440–457. Bennich-Björkman, L., Lundh, C., Ohlsson, R., Pedersen, P., Rooth, D-O (2002). Arbete? Var god dröj!—Invandrare i välfärdssamhället. Stockholm: SNS. Bevelander P., Pendakur R. (2012). The Labour Market Integration of Refugee and Family Reunion Immigrants: A Comparison of Outcomes in Canada and Sweden. IZA DP 6924 Blanchflower, D.G., Oswald, A.J. (1994) The wage curve. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Böhlmark, A., Lindquist, M.J., (2006) Life-cycle variations in the association between current and lifetime earnings: replication and extension for Sweden. Journal of Labour Economics. 24(4): 879–896. Borjas, G. J. (1987) Self-selection and the earnings of immigrants. American Economic Review. 77: 531– 553. Borjas, G. J. (1989) Immigrants and emigrant earnings: A longitudinal study. Economic Inquiry. 27(1): 21–37. Bratsberg, B., Raaum, O., Røed K. (2007). When minority labour migrants meet the welfare state. IZA DP 2872: 1–52. Card, D. (1995) The wage curve: A review. Journal of Economic Literature. 33: 785–799. Carlsson M., Rooth D.-O. (2007). Evidence of ethnic discrimination in the Swedish labour market using experimental data. Labour Economics. 14: 716–729. Chiswick, B.R. (1978) The effect of Americanization on the earnings of foreign-born men. Journal of Kotyrlo