Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Apr/May 2018 - Page 46

Masterplan The masterplan was developed around the relocation of the site entrance and exit from a previous mid-block connection to the upgraded Sloane Street traffic circle. The masterplan layout is focused around the idea of a central urban park with buildings located within a dense urban forest. The Central Park houses a restaurant and conference facility with a tiered garden. Running tracks and outdoor relaxation spaces are provided within the landscaping. The periphery of the office park is densely planted with indigenous trees as well as the salvaged mature trees from the previous Knightsbridge Manor. 46 Biophilic Approach The client endorsed the initial concept of a biophilic approach and reconciliation ecology within the development and as such the team actively sought out methods for implementation, whether it be the relation of the buildings to the landscaped site, ‘green’ façades, roof top gardens, the peripheral densification of trees or the experience of the external landscape while you are within the building environment. The completed development will have a nature walk / running track around the extent of the site, with outdoor relaxation spaces and gym. The aim is to foster a natural environment that requires minimal WSP Knightsbridge