Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 81

Concept The design was to create a fresh working environment that was ergonomically sound and included the use of height adjustable desks which was also a company requirement. The designers also had to be mindful of the meeting room requirements as many video calls, teleconferences and team building exercises would be carried out within these areas. This is why the technology for the new space had to be state of the art as communication is a very important part of the company. Informal meeting areas are situated near the open plan work areas and are well utilised for quick ‘one on one’ meetings on a daily basis. Maersk The designers also enjoyed using graphic wall applications throughout the space as they create a great sense of character and add a fresh look to the environment. The canteen area was a particularly enjoyable space to work on as the use of various furniture items added to the flow and character of the canteen. The canteen also offers informal meeting spaces with the use of acoustic rated booth seating, canteen tables and chairs as well as soft informal meeting chairs. With the use of various accent lights, they were able to create a fresh yet comfortable working environment. 81