Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 74

BEKA Schréder’s Summer Product Launch ELLEGA B EKA Schréder is delighted to announce its launch of a variety of new and exciting high-quality LED luminaires, which have been designed and manufactured in South Africa. Some of the latest additions in their product range include: KAZELLE The new LED post top is characterised by its minimalistic and modern look. The Kazelle is designed around the compactness of the LED engine, blending into your landscapes. At the same time, sustainable lighting solutions are provided that dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve visual comfort for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. ELLEGA The Ellega, with its simple yet elegant linear design, provides a versatile range for various types of urban landscapes. It is available in a single or double configuration at various heights. The winning combination of performance, design and flexibility enables the Ellega range to illuminate streets, residential areas, parks, and bicycle and pedestrian paths with a better quality of light, to generate energy savings and to reduce the ecological footprint with a perfect aesthetic integration into the environment. ILUMup The ILUMup is a versatile inground recessed LED uplight made for scenic lighting applications. It offers a wide range of photometric distri- butions for all types of illumination, such as lighting façades, highlighting architectural details and uplighting trees. SERIES 300 The SERIES 300 with its modern, simple design allows this decorative LED bulkhead to blend into any areas by day, and to make an impact when it is dark. The SERIES 300 with its halo lighting effect is the ideal solution to beautify buildings and to provide area lighting for com- mercial developments, retail areas, shopping malls and public buildings. Africa’s leading manufacturer of luminaires, BEKA Schréder, is proud to offer an ever-expanding range of high quality LED luminaires. BEK A Schréder locally develops and manufactures LED lighting products, suitable for local conditions. CONTACT For further information, please contact Nadja Smith at 011 238 0094 or email: SERIES 300 ILUMup KAZELLE 74 74 Advertorial