Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 70

Design Language The architectural language of the buildings is to externally engage the surroundings and landmark corner of Oxford and Glenhove roads and the visibility of the site, reacting to site limitations such as the Gautrain servitude in a beneficial way. This provided the opportunity for the weaving of the language of a multi-faceted gem like drama. Countering this was the intent to draw the human scale through transitional interior spaces into courtyard inward engaging serene spaces. Unlike a single tenanted commercial building with a single identity for the user, here the buildings themselves act as the front door or threshold to multiple owned spaces; all of which needed to benefit from the architectural language as an identifying factor. Perched on an apex in the topography, this provided the opportunity for the users’ internal environments to engage visually with the vast and expansive panoramic views reaching to the edges of the Johannesburg landscape. There was a cognitive decision to engage with the public/pedestrian and an unfenced, generously wide landscaped area belonging to the site is made available to the public. Design Features The Western glazed façade of the building is inclined and encroaches over the servitude. The building seems to loom over one, creating a composition unique to this site. The corner of the building peels away to create a reinforced perspective view. The ground rises toward the entrance and the façade angles down towards the 70 Oxford & Glenhove