Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 6

EDITORIAL LOUISE FENNER-SOLOMON | PUBLISHER OUR TEAM PUBLISHER / ADVERTISING Louise Fenner-Solomon 044 382 1111 PUBLISHER / DESIGN A fter living in Cape Town for most of our lives, my husband and I made a decision to ‘downsize’ from a big city to a smaller town and moved our family to Knysna around six months ago. Friends and family would ask us “why Knysna?” My answer would be “why not?” What would have been impossible in our line of work even five years ago, high speed Peter Fenner-Solomon 044 382 1111 internet has given us the freedom to base ourselves wherever we wish to live, and a ACCOUNTS no difference to how we work. Add in a few trips to Cape Town and Johannesburg smaller town in a beautiful part of the country suits us perfectly so far. As most of my interactions with both our readers and clients are done via email it has actually made Peter Fenner-Solomon 044 382 1111 during the year and work carries on as it did before. Living in Knysna is obviously different to being on holiday and that has taken some getting used to. After nearly six months we are finally starting to feel like we live here permanently and are not going to be going ‘home’ next week. Knysna is interesting SUBSCRIBE in that I find it far more cosmopolitan than Cape Town. Whether you live in a mansion SOUTH AFRICA get a far more realistic snapshot of the true South Africa than you ever do living in the 1 Year / 6 Issues 2 Year / 12 Issues INTERNATIONAL 1 Year / 6 Issues 2 Year / 12 Issues at Pezula or in the location on the hillside everyone shops in a fairly small CBD. You R350 exc. VAT R600 exc. VAT suburbs of Cape Town. It’s more raw and noisy but feels that much more authentic. The one benefit for people living in the Knsyna locations is that their workplace is al