Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 59

Interior Design Vivid Architects collaborated with Savile Row interior design consultants and the client in formulating the interior design solutions. The architects crafted all the external architecture, the overall mall layouts, primary ceiling designs, the shopfronts and bulkheads, with Savile Row designing finishes to mall bulkheads, tile selection, public toilets, mall furniture, feature cladding and demising columns as well as feature node mobiles. A feature suggested by the client and incorporated by the design team was the inclusion of 4K LED screens surrounding the three lift cores in the primary nodes. These screens are dynamic and allow the possibility of changing visual content in an entertaining format. Nautical Flavour When Savile Row were approached by Zenprop to design the interior spaces for Table Bay, the mall’s architectural contemporary nautical design language had been initiated by the architects. Working with Vivid, Savile Row sought to respond to this concept by creating a palette of complimentary, honest interior materials and a family of considered details that imply ‘maritime’ in a contemporary manner. Table Bay Mall Nautical and natural elements of the ocean are referenced in materials, colours, forms, suspended mobiles, light and texture, but always in a modern interpretation of the elements, and completed with modern finishes that were chosen for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. The use of a series of suspended white curved forms, juxtaposed against glass skylights and sinuous ceilings, are a rendition of a boat’s wake which create a visual rhythm and act as a subtle directional cue for visitors. At the main central entrance into the mall, a portal entrance frames this view down to the main central court where a skeletal boat hull is suspended in mid air. The ceiling form is evocative of a flowing shoreline that draws the viewer’s eyes up to the ceiling. This is the setting for the central event space, which was designed to allow for a high level of versatility in terms of sightlines, finishes and lighting. Distinctive Courts The mall is divided into three distinct court areas, where customers are invited on a journey of discovery, as each court has its own feature mobile, inspired by sealife, boats and kites. A unique feature to the mall are the digital walls surrounding the lift cores, where ‘undersea’ 59