Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 53

that experienced on an airline club lounge and this is reflected in the choice of materials and design aesthetic. For the other tenancy the designers undertook the strategic and functional briefing for the global consulting company’s new workplace, involving a series of workshops with management and staff . The workplace design is based on contemporary work principles with a focus on creating a more agile and flexible work environment. Clear goals were outlined upfront on using the project and space as a catalyst for change to create greater levels of transparency, improved workstyle flexibility and collaboration, while maintaining a key focus on productivity and wellbeing. A greater diversity of work settings is on offer to suit varied workstyles, with increased mobility supported by an advanced technology infrastructure. Staff are better connected in the new workplace, working on two floorplates, and connected by a dramatic stair to the upper level which is split by a covered outdoor terrace, garden with feature roof canopy and firepit for staff townhall sessions. In the workplace strategy sessions, it was concluded that partners retain offices, as when in the office they require focus space and the need to do constant quick meets with their teams. When partners are out the office their desk space is hidden up by means of sliding folding glass doors, that transforms the space into a shared meeting facility. For the most part, the built space is constructed of frameless acoustic glass, ensuring quality of light and views and encouraging a more open collaborative environment. 140 West Street A key feature in the design is a multipurpose flexible ‘Work Hub’ which is dedicated to mobile staff. It is a collaborative, open flexible space, encouraging team events and collaboration space away from desks in a more relaxed environment. 140 West’s signature winged design adds a contemporary edge to an already established part of Sandton, and creates a precedent for future design language in the precinct. 53