Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 37

Materials In terms of materiality, the design team wanted the building to be very vibrant and quite tactile; fresh and lively. This tied into how they perceived and understood Discovery’s corporate identity, and that design intent is followed through by means of the materiality. In the main concourse, the floor tile has movement in its finish which adds to the vibrancy. Using different types and formats of the same material finish created something very nuanced but not overpowering. The floors and ceilings are quite a neutral space, populated by colours from Discovery’s corporate identity. When you look up at the atriums, it is com- pletely different than when looking downwards. The upwards views are really exposed to the architectural language of the building – the curvilinear aesthetic brought through in the ceiling edges, creates contrast between black and white so that unique shapes and forms really stand out. Looking downwards the view is colourful with each office floor colour coded, using Discovery’s corporate identity as inspiration. Pops of colour add vibrancy and assist in the practical aspect of being easily identifiable from a wayfinding perspective. Within each floor, fabrics, flooring, glazing and vinyls are colour coded to match. The colour coding within each floor ensures a vibrancy that is not overpowering. upon;developing a strategy to ensure employees felt comfortable and welcome when they moved into the new building. Seating areas are open plan but populated so staff do not feel stranded. All of those areas have agile work spaces - high bench desking, working pods, small meeting rooms, meeting rooms with partitions, and a few traditional offices. Conclusion The project team, client, and developers have all came together to create a building and working environment that not only epitomises Discovery, but is very much a 21st century workspace. The care and attention to staff welfare and comfort makes working at 1 Discovery Place a world class experience. Space Planning Discovery’s internal space planning dept went through the process of reanalysing how staff would work right from the inception. They reformulated their existing furniture into an open desking solution. When you move people from one building to another some resistance is to be expected. A change management process was embarked 1 Discovery Place 37