Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 18

Learning From New York Eight Lessons For The Post-Apartheid Architect by Gareth Leonard, Senior Architect, GAPP Architects and Urban Designers A rchitects are arguably not the greatest travel companions – at least not when they are put in charge of the itinerary for a trip to New York. While immersing yourself in the city’s canyon like streets, parks, renowned museums and iconic buildings may be one of your lifelong dreams, two weeks is enough to test even the most committed partner to near breaking point. I did schedule a day out to attend the US Open and a few late morning starts, so I’d argue that I’m not completely insensitive… Personal dissent and grumblings about my travelling style aside, New York is a destination I would recommend every architect explore. If you can avoid the obvious tourist hunts and flaunted roman- ticism attached to certain destinations, the city is profoundly eye-opening. From an urban design point of view, South Africa and the United States share a comparable age and history as