Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 12

PROJECTWATCH PROPOSED, CURRENT AND FUTURE PROJECTS FROM SOUTH AFRICA AND ABROAD MENLYN LINK PROJECTVIEW OLD MINT PARK Leading South African property developer and investor Atterbury has begun construction on Old Mint Park, a development prime industrial neighbouring the landmark South African Mint and fronting the N1 highway, centrally located between Midrand and Centurion. The development is a joint venture between Atterbury and Old Mutual Properties that will see a new state of the art 65,000m 2 industrial park. The first building under construction is a business unit development offering premises ranging from 500m 2 to 2,500m 2 in a single 10,000m 2 building. Concurrently constructed with this National property developer FWJK has secured land in Menlyn to develop a new 85,000m² sectional title mixed-use building consisting of ground and first floor retail, a 450 learner crèche, multi-tenant sectional title office suites, residential apartments and luxury penthouse suites, according to Rhys Rocke, regional director of FWJK. This R1.9bn development dubbed ‘Menlyn Link’ will be situated between Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and the Menlyn Maine Central Square Precinct on Lois Avenue. Menlyn Link will assume the mantle of the tallest building in the greater Menlyn area at 26 storeys, changing the Menlyn skyline and offering 360º views. Rocke elaborated by saying that, “Menlyn Link offers a range of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments as well as five bedroom penthouses. With the convenient ground floor shops and restaurants providing a vibrant retail experience together with the rooftop club house, tennis court and swimming pool, residents will have various desirable amenities at hand to name a few. Those working in the P-Grade office suites will truly experience a first of its kind in Menlyn with a ‘work-play-live’ lifestyle.” The development will be undertaken on the basis of the FWJK Co-Development at Cost Methodology giving investors the opportunity to partake in owning equity in the project at the brick and mortar cost which is roughly 30% below market prices. Menlyn is fast becoming a dynamic live, work, play node in Pretoria which presents architectural challenges that create iconic design solutions due to the scale of construction and the lifestyle that Menlyn offers. It was important to enhance pedestrian activity on the ground, and to achieve this special attention was paid to human scale e ̸Qɔ́չ)ѡ1ٕ́ՔѕəݥѠ)ɸ́́ѥٕɥЁٕ)ѡɽ齹鄰́ݕ)ɕ̰͡Չ̰ɐ͍ɕ)ٕȁ͍ձɕ́Ѽ͍ѡ)եݸЁɕЁٕ)ٔɽչٕѡɔɔٕѥ)յ́݅͡ɑ́Ёɕձ)ѕم́ѼɅ܁ѡ唁Ѽѡٕ)ѡѠѠ̃Lɥ͕Ѽ)͝ե͔ѡѡɕٕ́ɭ)ݕѡɕх̸ٕQ)ٕ́չЁɅ)൱ɴݡɕѕ́aÊdЁѡ)ѽѡմɔѡɕͥѥ)ٕ́)Qɕͥѥѥ)ɥ͕́ݼѽݕ́ɥͥЁѡմ) ݕѡ͔ݼѽݕ́́ɬ)ɐݥѠѥ̰ѥ)ݸѕ͕ݥѠ٥)ɕѥͅɕᕐѵɔͼ)ѡմٕ́ѡݡ)ѕѼ͕ٔѡե́ݕ)ѡՉ ɕݥٔɕ)͕́եаȁ)݅ɕ͔)=ѡٕӊé)Ʌ܁ɑ́́́ѥ%Ё)ͥѥ)Ʌ)ݕ))͉ɜAɕѽɥݡɔ)5Ʌ́ ɥ%Ё)ፕЁɽхѡͥ)ɕэ݅䁥Mѡɸ)ɥٕ́ѱͥՅѕ)ݕѡ8Ā Ʌѕ)ѕɍ=)͉ɜ)Aɕѽɥ5ɽ̰ѡ)MɅɅ̸( )AɽЁ]э