Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Feb/Mar 2018 - Page 10

NEWSWORTHY RAUBEX COMPLETES QUALITY RDP MULTI-STOREYS Raubex Building has notched up another successful RDP housing project in Gauteng, completing 480 units at Riverside View south of Diepsloot in the Fourways area. The company’s work on the R75 million Riverside View RDP Multi Storey project – developed by Valumax – began in June 2016 and ran through to October 2017. The client’s for 15 requirement four-storey was buildings to be constructed at Riverside View, with 32 units per building. These were the first four-storey buildings erected for RDP housing in Johannesburg, making it a flagship initiative for future multi- storey RDP units that are planned. Quality control was an important aspect of this project, with quality and finishes regularly being by inspected engineers, the NHBRC, the City of Johannesburg, building inspectors and Valumax’s own quality control team. Each Riverside View unit consists of two bedrooms and an open plan kitchen, with a living room and one bathroom. The walls were skimmed and painted inside and a bath, toilet and basin installed. Raubex Building’s completion of the 480 units is helping to put a serious dent in the housing back- log in the Johannesburg area, and the company is looking to complete over 400 more units there early in 2018 – with hopefully many more to come. Valumax’s ‘mega-project’ at Riverside View will see a total of over 9,600 residential units in that development, a real contribution to meeting the country’s ever- growing housing needs. 10 AFRISAM COLLABORATES WITH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Through its technical services arm – the Centre for Product Excellence – construction materials leader AfriSam has been showing what is possible when business collaborates with bright young minds at universities. Partnering with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in recent years, AfriSam has made its specialists and its laboratory facilities available to UJ for its students – both for practical learning as well as to conduct research. Earlier this year, that partnership led to two research papers being presented at the International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials & Civil Engineering Systems, held at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Research for the papers was carried out at the Centre of Product Excellence by UJ Civil Engineering Science student Broadley Miller, and written up by Miller in conjunction with the depart- ment’s technical lecturer Johannes Bester and senior lecturer Deon Kruger. The one paper – on the use of a concrete additive to eliminate returned concrete waste volumes – was particularly well received by the conference delegates, according to Bester, who presented on behalf of the authors. The research investigates the effects of a recently developed two- component powdered product in separating returned fresh ready-mix concrete into fine and coarse aggregates. The product is made from polymers and inorganic c \[[\YX[X[HZ^Y[]\Yۘܙ]HXY]H\\[ '\[܈H]\HوH]\Yۘܙ]H\YܙY]\[HX[YXB\[و]ۘܙ]K8'H^\\\8'B]\Yۘܙ]H\H[\YܙHB[[Z[]Y \YX[\[YܙY]B\YK\[\YX[H[\ۛY[[[\Xو]\Yۘܙ]K'B[Z\Xۙ\\H]]ܜ™^ܙYH\HوXXYYܙY]\\˜H\X[Y[܈\[X]\X[[BX[YX\Hوۘܙ]K^H[][HXXYYܙY]\]HH]XܙX]\Y]]H[\X[H\Hق\HXXYYܙY]\˂XݙN[\\\\BXX[X\\]HR][[[Y\[Y[HX[B'H\Z[Y\H\Y\œ؛[X]X[\Y][HYܙY]\˜[]\YH\H[[[و^\]\HYYHۘܙ]HZ^\H\[ 8'B^\\\8'\YHYYB[\ܝ[Hو[[H[[][ۂ\وHX\H[\H]B\XH]X[]HوXXYۘܙ]BYܙY]H[H^XY ]]