Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 84

their outdated brick building with an early 90’s, rabbit warren like interior into the brand new No 5 Silo building in the iconic Silo precinct at the Waterfront. Interior Design firm, Formist (formerly Interior Architecture Inc.), wanted to challenge the notion that the interior of an accounting firm has to be typically corporate and serious & make it a more creative, inspirational & and fun environment to work in. Some of most important factors taken into consideration were sustainability, flexibility of movement, work function and access. As ±1,500m 2 of floor space had been lost in the move to the new building, innovative thinking in terms of space planning was required. 84 All the partner offices are built around the central core and are intentionally kept small at 8m 2 . The office is primarily meant as a private space for the partners but not necessarily an all day workspace. There was a concerted effort made to move away from the old fashioned hierarchy created by a large executive office and encourage partners to utilise the various open work spaces and meeting pods. The best views of the Waterfront and Table Mountain are enjoyed by the staff situated on the open plan office floors. A number of hot desking options were provided for the auditing teams who often work off site and need to work in a large group setting when at the PwC offices. No 5 Silo