Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 81

KEY TO PLANS 1. Retail Space 2. Grain Street 3. Arcade 4. Service Road 5. South Arm Road 6. The Boulevard 7. No 4 Silo 8. North Reception 9. South Reception 10. Public Ablutions 11. Shuttle Lift 12. Open Office Space 13. Circulation Area 14. Void 4TH FLOOR PLAN very energy efficient. At certain times the seawater by-passes the chiller units and provides cooling at sea temperature straight to the air conditioning units on the roof, thereby reducing energy usage even further. • Extensive public transport links at the V&A, cycling facilities, reduced parking bays and electrical car charging points gave a high score under the Transport category. • Materials: As examples, the fire doors were manufactured from old reclaimed timber from a building at the University of Cape Town No 5 Silo and office screens used in the PwC interiors were made from reclaimed shutterboard used by the contractor in the concrete works on the building. • PT slabs are used throughout. As they are thinner, the weight of the building is reduced and columns are able to be tapered. • Energy: LED lighting is used almost exclusively throughout. Occupancy sensors limit wasteful lighting energy consumption. Energy sub-metering and monitoring is also provided and is essential in ensuring that the 81