Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 80

GROUND FLOOR PLAN Sustainability The No 5 Silo professional team are proud to have been awarded a 6 Star Green Star Office v1 Design Rating and Arup’s sustainability consultants are in the process of compiling the as built submission, also targeting 6 stars. This is the second building in the Silo precinct to achieve the highest rating awarded by the GBCSA, after No 1 Silo. Originally aiming for a 4 star Design rating on No 5 Silo, it had become evident upon completing the energy modelling that the 80 results were bringing in the building just short of a 6 Star Design rating. Upon discussion with the client, certain elements were re-evaluated in an attempt to obtain the additional points required. The building scored 75 points on the rating scale – 5 of which are innovation points. Important Elements Include: • Central seawater cooling plant: Used successfully in No 1 Silo, it was decided to use the same system throughout the district. As the central plant is seawater cooled it is No 5 Silo