Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 74

AS FEATURED IN ARCHITECT & BUILDER DECEMBER 2016 ISSUE NO 5 SILO NO 5 SILO V&A Waterfront DEVELOPER/CLIENT V&A Waterfront OPERATIONS MANAGERS V&A Waterfront PRINCIPAL AGENT Mace Management Services ARCHITECTS Van der Merwe Miszewski Architects Jacobs Parker Architects in a JV QUANTITY SURVEYOR MLC STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Arup MECHANICAL ENGINEER Worley Parsons ELECTRICAL ENGINEER & TRAFFIC GIBB RATIONAL FIRE DESIGN Sutherland LIFT CONSULTANTS Solutions for Elevating SUSTAINABILITY Arup LANDSCAPING (ROOF) Planning Partners T he Silo District has taken shape around one of the city’s most prominent industrial relics, the 1921 grain silo complex, that has now been reinvented as the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa. The client, the V&A Waterfront, wanted to create a vibrant, mixed-use and sustainable district that would combine residential, office, leisure and retail opportunities as well as creating a pedestrian-friendly link between the Waterfront and the city. No 5 Silo within the District No 5 Silo is the third building in the District to be completed and was designed by VDMMA Architects in collaboration with Jacobs Parker Architects. The prime requirement was for new office space to increase the client’s commercial office rental stock, but also to extend the sustainable and public nature of the precinct. The precinct plan provided for an open shaft of public urban space between No 5 and the future No 6, named the Boulevard, starting from the south façade of the historical grain silo building and extending to South Arm Road. Entry for pedestrians was required from this open shaft of space to the West of the building, but also from the basements (a shuttle lift) and from the South and East to the newly created external urban Public Realm. Design No 5 Silo therefore became pedestrian permeable, with a public street and arcade allowing access to and through the building from all sides. The intent is that the building be accessible and public, but also easing access from the bus stop and from WET SERVICES Arup HEALTH & SAFETY Eco-Safety FAÇADE ENGINEER Arup ACOUSTIC CONSULTANT SRL South Africa LAND SURVEYORS David Hellig & Abrahamse INTERIOR DESIGN (PWC) Formist (Formerly Interior + Architecture Inc) INTERIOR DESIGN (END USER) Collaboration ICA Matrix Consulting Services MAIN CONTRACTOR WBHO Construction PHOTOGRAPHY VDMMA Riaan West 74 No 5 Silo