Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 71

designed to cater for the predicted worse case building that would form part of the final development of the Silo Square precinct. This meant two stage pumps, where only the lower pressure discharge port was utilised for the No 1 Silo building. The high pressure port would serve the next development (now underway) which is the old silo building revamp and extensions. • The No 1 Silo had a piped LPG supply taken off the underground main, fed from the bulk gas tank located adjacent to the Caltex service station, that runs past the site. This had three take-off branches after coming into the building. The one was capped for future extension LPG supply requirements in this precinct, where the other two were for the 1 Silo restaurant kitchen and for the residential block (where every appointment was fitted No 1 Silo 71