Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 65

Lighting No 1 Silo has been designed with efficient and environmental lighting in mind. Firstly, all fluorescent fittings have high frequency ballasts (which are more energy efficient) and highly efficient fittings have been selected. In addition, an intelligent individual addressable lighting system, fitted with appropriate sensors, ensures that lights are on only when they need to be and at the right light levels. Lastly, care has been taken to ensure that no night time lighting is directed towards the night sky in order to reduce night light pollution, which is detrimental to fauna and flora that are sensitive to it. No 1 Silo also promotes the use of sustainable transport - not only is it located in close proximity to a MyCiti bus stop, but the building design includes a secure bike lock up facility, with lockers and showers, for those cycling to work. Materials From a materials perspective, the building has been constructed using 60% less cement when compared to a building built according to business as usual. Further to this, the project has supported the use of FSC certified timber, demonstrating that timber has been procured from environmentally sustainable and ethical sources. The construction process has been underpinned by internationally recognised environmental management standards, ensuring that more than 70% of all waste generated on site is recycled. An innovative feature of the construction site was the use of green hoarding - approximately one third No 1 Silo 65