Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 35

GROUND FLOOR PLAN TYPICAL FLOOR PLAN In the restaurant and bar area lighting control is installed to allow the hotel operator to select from four pre-set lighting scenes for mood setting. The guest room lighting is designed to render a comfortable feel with switching from the bedsides. USB power outlets are located conveniently to allow for charging of devices and the idea is that the USB outlets replace the international type outlet. Emphasis was placed on the external and façade lighting. The final design being established after a number of mockups to ensure the correct colour lighting was used. LED strip lights were installed to outline the building and give it a ‘floating feeling’ as the LED strips were installed from the second floor up. The two entrances are red glass boxes and red LED’s were installed behind the glass to evenly disperse light within the entrance lobby. As you walk through these ‘boxes’ the effect of the red light is quite something to experience. The entire Hotel is on generator backup to allow a minimum of disruption to the operation of the hotel during power failure conditions. The generator’s on board fuel tank will allow operation of up to 8hrs, however the V&A have a diesel bowser truck service that will top up fuel should power outage last longer. Interior Design The interior design concept was developed by GRAVEN who were commissioned in collaboration with local firm SOURCE to incorporate local interior design content. The selection of materials and finishes for the interior design combines an industrial look and feel, with exposed soffits and services in high volume public areas together with the contemporary slick yet simple colourful design aesthetic envisaged for the Radisson RED brand. This concept represents a contemporary aesthetic - funky, youthful, energetic and creative, combining art, music and fashion for a No 6 Silo unique guest experience. The design incorporates the artwork of Cameron Platter, who was commissioned for all the rooms and public areas. In order create an integrated architecture and interior design concept, the artwork has been incorporated into the exterior of the building. Acoustic design Due to the proximity of the Synchro-Lift , all window areas and openings were designed to comply with the strict acoustic requirements, including the dry wall partitions which were used between the guest rooms. The requirement for the room doors to meet Rw 42dB and partitions Rw 47Db acoustic requirements posed further design complexity. KEY TO GROUND FLOOR PLAN 1 Restaurant 2 Back of House 3 Foyer 4 Event Rooms 5 Pedestrian Boulevard KEY TO TYPICAL FLOOR PLAN 1 Standard Room 2 Suites 3 Family Suites 4 Escape Stairs 5 Accesible Room Sustainability Arup sustainability consultants worked with Green Building Council of South Africa to create the first custom hotel Green Star SA rating tool for the Radisson RED. The simplicity of the building meant a light touch in terms of materials and the designers achieved a 51% reduction in the absolute quantity of cement and a 91% reduction in post-consumer recycled content. Arup were delighted to have received the 5 stars for this building as it performed even better than expected. A similar result in the As-Built rating is anticipated. The Radisson RED Completion The Cape To ۈQ\\]Y[\[X\ M[\H\Y\ۈQ[ۈBYX[۝[[ ]\H\[Hܛ [HXۙ[H]\[Z\\KH\YۂX[HXYHܙX]\[\]H\]Z\[Y[›وY\ۈQ[[[]H[HH[\YۈY\]XY[H]X\˂