Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 30

was derived in direct response to the historic setting and the design guidelines that prescribed an “industrial/warehouse and semi-industrial character of the Silo District”. When one considers the original design of the grain silo and elevator buildings, one realises how the exposed industrial components define the character of the building. All these architectural considerations define the design in a manner which complements the envisaged Radisson RED design aesthetic. Planning Like most of the buildings on the Silo District, No 6 Silo has been built on top of a super base- 30 ment parking garage. This means that the concrete slab and columns of the parking garage form the foundations and main support for the Hotel. As a consequence, the Hotel does not have the typical ‘porte cochere zone’ and vehicular parking and access is provided from the super basement with a direct shuttle lift leading to the pedestrian boulevard to the east of the building. There is a drop-off zone to the west from a loop service road linking Silo Square with South Arm Road. The location of the escape stair cores was predetermined, and designed as part of the basement design. These were incorporated into the design the hotel and connect directly to the super basement and pedestrian boulevard. No 6 Silo